Ultra-X Accreditation Plans

Ultra-X Accreditation Plans

Already consistent, and you have the proof to back it?


We will certify, validate and endorse proven, reliable traders who can verify their capabilities.

If you understand risk management, know your trading strategy in and out and have a history of consistent trading results that can be verified and forecasted from, we want to hear from you!


What kind of trader is Ultra-X suited for?


You will need to possess all the attributes of a professional trader and have an exceptional amount of experience in trading FX/CFD’s.


If you are accepted, you will be inserted into the Accreditation Program at a specified time that our offset algorithm will accommodate. The plan you will trade will be tailored to your experience and gain expectancy.



One Time Fee: $0
  • Submit Detailed Trading Plan
  • Submit Metrics and Historical Analysis
  • Minimum 12 Months Verified Results (MyFXBook/Psyquations/FXBlue)
  • Must include Terminal Statement Report matching Results
  • Successful Applicants will be contacted prior to next Induction
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