The Accreditation Process:

You are applying to start the Ultra Capital Fund Trader Accreditation Process.

There are 2 steps to join one of our Accreditation Plans:

1.    The Application: 
Traditionally, any business will interview candidates for a job role. But with the advent of globalization and online platforms, many traditional methods of finding trading talent have been replaced with platforms that analyze and force traders into specific, strict and sometimes unrealistic rulesets.

Our application is simple. Provide us with all the information about you and your trading that will help us consider inducting you into our pool of candidates to become accredited and trade our capital.

2.    Review our Terms and Conditions and Payment:
Once we are satisfied that you understand your strategy and you have the right mindset to trade other people’s money and are genuinely trading with a plan, you will be granted access to our Client Portal. Here you will be able to review the rules and finalize your Plan Choice and pay your commitment fee.

The Accreditation Journey:
Once your fee payment is confirmed, you will be set up with an account on our Trading Platform and you can begin to show us how you trade! 


Please complete the Application Form below to become an Ultra Capital Trader!

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