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The Core Trading Rules and Guidelines for all Traders.


Core Trading Rules & Guidelines


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Accreditation Program


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Questions & Answers

Core Trading Rules & Guidelines

Mostly, No. The only rules that are different are:
•    There is no time limit for LPM’s.
•    The target is 10% for LPM’s to request more capital.
•    6% for Accreditation Candidates to pass and become funded.

The whole purpose of an “evaluation” is for a Trader show us exactly how they will manage money, risk, and protect capital as a funded LPM. This is simply not possible unless the risk conditions while trading during Accreditation are the same as when you have passed and are trading a Live account.

The 2% calculation is based on your Account Balance.

There is 2 parts to this rule:

•    You can risk up to 2% maximum per trade, based on where you place your stop loss when opening the position.
•    You can risk up to a maximum of 2% exposure per symbol, pair or instrument - based on the collective value of loss if all your stop losses were triggered at the same time.

Example: you can open 1x position with risk up to 2% on one trade on USDJPY or you can open 10x positions with risk up to 0.2% on USDJPY. The 10x positions at 0.2% equals 2% total exposure as a basket.

Note, Pending and Limit Orders must ALSO have Stop Losses entered on them, at the time of entering your order. Not after.

The AI Monitor will be strictly enforcing this rule. There will be no exceptions, and no refunds for failing to enforce proper risk management.

You MUST ALWAYS use a Stop Loss on all open positions with Ultra Capital - this is our only method of ensuring that risk is mitigated in our total portfolio.

•    You must ensure that all positions opened, have Stop Loss Levels entered at the same time as placing your order.
•    For automated traders, this can be done automatically by ensuring your code uses Stop Losses upon entry.
•    For manual traders, you will need to ensure that you enter Stop Loss levels in the MT5 open order box where indicated. If you are worried about human error, there are many tools, add ons, software suites, available for most trading platforms, that assist with Trade Execution and allow you to pre-set risk and SL level before opening orders.
•    For Trade Copiers: please ensure your trade copier copies stop losses.

Note for traders who use Duplikium to Trade Copy: the FREE version does not copy stop losses to slave accounts. Duplikium has agreed to switch on this feature to enable Stop Loss copying for all Ultra Capital Fund traders - please ensure you email them to enable this. All PAID Duplikium subscriptions are not affected by this.

Showing us that you can always open orders with good risk mitigation and stop loss control is very important before traders are allocated live funds.

Important Note: If you are using a trade copying service or expert advisor, please ensure you set up a "default stop loss" on your copy trades, so that if for any reason there is a lag in system or connection, every order placed by your trade copier will have a stop loss on them that can be manually modified to suit once the trade is copied. 

None. Unlike other firms, we do not have a hard rule around total lot exposure. This is an advantage for traders who exclusively use risk to manage capital preservation.

This is a drawdown of equity that is equal to: (Your starting Balance) minus (your starting balance * 8%)

Along with the technical milestones that must be achieved during your Accreditation, you must also demonstare consitancy in your trading.

We will be looking for a nice gradual equity curve in your analytics graph.

It is not enough to simply achieve the pass/fail milestones, but have a graph in the negative zone which makes a lucky positive burst at the end to pass the Review.

Our liquidity Provider will make this judgement when performing the final Risk Assessment of your Review Account.

Yes. There are no restrictions to when you can trade, other than the 24/5 nature of the FX markets.

6 Months – you can add more time by paying another commitment fee for another 6 months if you need more time. 

The minimum is 30 active trading days OR 90 days since the first trade on the account. 

We decided to have 2 minimums, whichever one elapses first, because everyone trades differently and we just need to make sure there is a decent enough sample size to observe you trading your plan. 

It doesn't make sense to make a scalper who trades every day, who might hit the target confidently within 6 weeks, wait an additional 6 weeks before passing them! Just the same, it doesn't make sense to allow a high risk swing trader with only 3 trades that are above 30 days old, pass due to having trades active for 30 days.

1:8 – this is the only hard restriction to your trading plan. Please ensure that you have properly mastered your strategy and money management to be able to fit within 1:8 leverage or 12.5% Margin.

There are no warnings given, the Accreditation rules are hard rules designed to ensure safe trading practices are adhered to. As long as you follow your trading plan you will not need warnings.

The purpose of Accreditation is for traders to show that they are consistent and voracious at protecting our capital. Stage 1 allows you to “Test” and “Check” your tools and ask for guidance from our risk team. Although both stages are simulated funds, our liquidity providers AI Monitor and Risk Team will be monitoring your performance on the Stage 2 Review Account to ensure that you are put in the exact high stakes environment our LPM Professional Traders are in.

To ensure you have every opportunity to succeed, we refer all AI disabled accounts to our liquidity providers Risk Team who will make the final call on decisions. Please be advised, this is their call at the end of the day. We will make every effort to work with traders who own their accountability and work through their mistakes.

Our liquidity providers advanced AI Monitor will disable your account automatically without warning if:

•    If you draw down equity beyond 8% below your starting balance. (STOP OUT Level = Starting balance minus (starting balance * 8%))
•    If you risk more than 2% per trade intentionally.
•    If you risk beyond 2% on a trade by mistake.
•    If you fail to use a stop loss on ANY order you place.

The status of these conditions can be monitored in real time inside the Analytics link of your Client Dashboard.

If you fail the Accreditation program, your account will be disabled. Once disabled, your Accreditation is over as this account cannot be re-enabled.

You can re-apply to attempt the Accreditation again by emailing our support team, explaining why you think you failed and what changes you are making to your Trading Plan (if any) to re-attempt it, and then pay for a new accreditation plan.

Instruments, Symbols & Pairs are typically different names for the same thing. In MT5, they are referred to as Symbols.

The standard Review Account qualifies you to trade what is commonly knows as the 28 Forex Symbols, which are derived from the 8 major currencies.

So any combination of the following currencies will be permitted:


Any trades placed on symbols or markets outside of 8 Major FX Currencies during your accreditation will not be counted unless you have chosen to add them to your plan.

Gold and Silver (XAUUSD & XAGUSD) are available to be traded as a paid add on and can be added to your plan at Application Stage.

If you have any questions or this is not clear, please make sure you contact us before proceeding.

Crypto & Indices are not available yet, but we are hoping to release these sometime in the near future.

Trading Environment & Platform

We use the private Raw Spreads brokerage of our liquidity provider, TC Capital.

Ultra Capital offers 2 types of Trading Accounts

1) ECN Standard Account
The industry standard ECN account offers competetive raw spreads with $7 round turn per lot commissions.

2) ECN Swap Free Account
Our Islamic swap free account offers the same competetive raw spreads as our standard ENC account, with no interest charged on trades that are held overnight. These accounts do incur a slightly higher commission of $8 round turn, per lot.

Ultra Capital Fund exclusively uses MetaTrader5 for trading execution.

MT5 is a widely popular, reliable and highly supported trading terminal. 

You can find out more about MetaTrader5 from the Metaquotes website.

Note: Starting from MT5 build 2361, MetaTrader 5 is no longer supported on 32-bit operating systems. Please ensure your Operating System is 64-bit compliant.

We understand that many people have and still use MT4 as their trading platform of choice. Its only natural to want to stay with what you know, and we fully support that decision. After all, you've done all your algo testing with MT4, and it has all your indicators and settings configured already.

In situations like this, we recommend a trade copier, a system that detects trades placed in your existing MT4 platform, and instantly replicates them onto your MT5 account.

We suggest you subscribe to Duplikium over at, it's totally free for your first connection, and thats all you need.

It really is the best of both worlds!

As we mentioned above, we recommend a trade copier called Duplikium.

It's a system that detects trades placed in your existing platform, and instantly replicates them onto your MT5 account.

Check out Duplikium, it's totally free for your first connection, and thats all you need.

If you use our links above you get a special upgraded version of the service for free!

You only need one account. Traders who achieve maximum funding, will have additional opportunities to increase their balance beyond $1m with our liquidity providers. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

We will consider your performance and drawdown and risk factor before making additional offers for more capital. Capital increases as a rule of thumb can range from $1.5m to $10m and beyond for the right traders.

Yes, you can. However, you will be responsible for all activity and execution the EA/Bot does on your behalf. No exceptions. No excuses.

MT5 Terminal Accounts are the Property of TC Capital LLC and are not transferrable to any other individual or entity.

Accreditation Program

The Accreditation Program is the name we have given our “Evaluation or Trial Phase” before we allocate real capital to a trader. It is the process of observing and validating a trader's ability to trade their strategy in our environment and show consistancy in their trading and demonstrate their ability to steadily grow an account.

After reviewing this FAQ, if you think you could be a good fit for us, you can apply to become an Ultra Capital Trader by choosing your Plan from our How It Works Page and clicking “APPLY NOW”

We want to work with traders that understand Risk, Capital Preservation and Consistency. Our whole program is designed to help us understand these 3 key factors so we can allocate as much capital as possible to reliable risk managers.

Grid trading, stacking, martingale, hedging or reverse positions on one instrument, and over leveraging trading strategies are not allowed.

It is a very easy to follow process which we believe differentiates us from competitors:

Stage 1 Onboarding Stage (Launch Stage) – you will be given a short period of time of 1-2 weeks trading on a Stage 1 Account. This will allow you to review your trading strategy, ensure it is working as you expect and that it does not breach any rules. You cannot fail this stage or delay this stage – it is designed to show us you are ready. You can request to proceed to Stage 2 after a minimum of 7 days. 

Stage 2 Review Account Stage – After you have moved on from Stage 1, either by choice or by our discretion, you will be given your Review Account details. This account will be similar to your Launch Account, but it will have our AI Monitor and be performance monitored by our LP and Risk Team. This is the true performance check, and your 6 month Review period will officially commence.

Final Risk Assessment – After passing the Review Stage, our risk team will do one final quick check on your results to ensure that no rules were breached and your strategy was consistent.  

Instruments, Symbols & Pairs are typically different names for the same thing. In MT5, they are referred to as Symbols.

The standard Review Account qualifies you to trade what is commonly knows as the 28 Forex Symbols, which are derived from the 8 major currencies.

So any combination of the following currencies will be permitted:


Any trades placed on symbols or markets outside of 8 Major FX Currencies during your accreditation will not be counted unless you have chosen to add them to your plan.

Gold and Silver (XAUUSD & XAGUSD) are available to be traded as a paid add on and can be added to your plan at Application Stage.

If you have any questions or this is not clear, please make sure you contact us before proceeding.

A trading plan is a pre-set outline that most professional traders use to map out their approach to trading.

When we first launched, we required that all traders submitted a trading plan to validate their understanding of risk management and capital preservation.

Although we strongly advise that most traders have a pre-set guideline to their trading, we no longer require this for acceptance to our Accreditation program, or require this to measure a trader's discipline.

We have streamlined the application form to include the key questions we require you to know about your trading ability and strategy and we will use this information to decide whether you will be a good fit for our program or not.

If you are unsure or would like more information, please contact us!

Yes, provided you have traded your plan and not broken any soft rules. (see main rules to watch out for FAQ)

You must also have shown consitency in your trading throughout your Accreditation period. You can not simply pass the core requirements with a final burst of luck. A consistent growth curve in your analytics graph will show this.

The Risk Team will use post review tools to assess your consistency and money management skills. 

•    Shows that their strategy, over time, is consistent at producing profit.
•    The strategy displays reliable capital preservation (consistent wins and losses)

Remember, our purpose is to find traders who can trade with discipline, capital preservation skills and consistency with good outlook for the long term. 

If you are at all unsure whether your strategy is a good fit for the long term with us, you are more than welcome to ask for an opinion by emailing our risk team directly: 

This is really on a case by case basis. This is what makes our program different. It depends on how severe the infringement or failure is. 

For Example, the Risk Team may disqualify certain trades and not the whole account, as they have deviated from your Trading Plan. In these scenarios, the removed trades may decrease your performance ROI to below the 6% target so you may be required to continue trading your Review Account for a bit longer to pass.

On other occasions, major deviations from your Trading Plan may disqualify the whole review account you since you were not able to be consistent.

If you have not passed your Risk Assessemnt due to inconsitency in your trading, even though you have reached your account growth target, you may be given a new target and asked to keep trading to show a higher level of consistency (the account growth graph on your analytics page will show how consistent you have been).

We pride ourselves on offering extremely fast progression for accredited traders. It is in our best interest for proven traders to be safely allocated as much capital as possible, not put hurdles in front of you just to make money from failures - this is how it is meant to be!

To do this effectively, we believe a balance between traditional and AI is required to verify and analyse trading behaviour. Not just a set of rules. Our programs were purposely designed to give maximum freedom for traders to be able to flex their abilities, but at the same time, show us that money management and discipline following a set plan, is the key to your profitability.

We believe, this approach provides a very broad spectrum beyond what other capital funding programs offer, to trade freely, safely and profitably.

The Accreditation Commitment fee is the contribution you make to back yourself. With most things that involve risking money, there needs to be a material cost involved to show that you are obliged and have ‘skin in the game’ - we need to know that the effort we put into finding good traders, will be taken seriously.

When you pay your contribution fee, we will be endorsing you based on your initial application to be qualified to undertake a trial to prove to our Liquidity Providers that you have the capability to be a professional trader.
The fees we collect for this process, will be used to improve our support and services and to pay for the costs of providing this unique program.
In essence, you are paying for the opportunity to prove yourself eligible, according to the risk policies and rules set by our Liquidity Providers, and a contract is in place for you to be inducted as a Live Portfolio Manager, trading capital on behalf of Ultra Capital Fund. 
The fees you pay are non refundable, and are not an investment or in any way convertible into a real currency value that can be withdrawn or paid to you. We are not a broker. 

Yes, you get a rebate called the "Accreditation Bonus" upon achieving the 6% target by following your Trading Plan. The Accreditation Bonus value is *roughly* 50% of the Accreditation target amount.

Example 1: If you pass the $50k accreditation, using the $12,500 Review account to trade your plan and hit $750 profit (6% profit target) - you will receive a rebate of $375. This is equal to 50% of the profit earned, if the account was actually a real live account.

Example 2: If you pass the $100k accreditation, using the $25,000 Review account to trade your plan and hit $1,500 profit (6% profit target) - you will receive a rebate of $750. This is equal to 50% of the profit earned, if the account was actually a real live account.

Please note: The exact rebate value may change depending on what promotional specials are active at the time you submit your application to join Ultra Capital.

If promotional specials are lower in value than 50% of the profit target of the Accreditation plan you have chosen (or differ for any other reason), the rebate value will be reflected in the promotional material.

Please see our Withdrawal and Rebate Policy.

*note: The rebate is only valid upon passing your Accreditation and becoming a funded Live Portfolio Manager. If you do not pass your Accreditation, no rebates will be available. Rebates are paid into your nominated bank account when you process your first withdrawal.

Our advanced AI Risk Monitor will automatically consider your trading patterns and lock down your account, and refer your account to our Risk Team if you breach your Accreditation by doing any of the following:

o    If you risk more than 2% per trade intentionally or too far over by mistake. (There is a small buffer in place but if you go too far over, the AI will kick in)
o    If you place an order without a SL - no exceptions. (Remember: you must always set this up at the same time as the order. Not after)
o    If you risk more than 2% collectively on one instrument or pair. (You can have multiple trades but they must all add up to a total loss of 2% or less
o    If you lose more than 8% of your starting balance. (Absolute DD of 8%)

Our Risk Team will review your personal risk profile and performance after you pass your accreditation and disqualify your Accreditation and you will need to start over:

Erratic Risk taking (eg, holy grail trades).
High Frequency or High Risk trading Expert Advisors & Robots.

If you are breached or fail to pass the accreditation due to breaching any of the above soft rules, you will forfeit your rebate. We reserve the right to decide how to proceed based on the circumstance. We may offer you to continue trading for an additional period of time, or to achieve an additional ROI based on disqualified profits from breaches or fund you on a lower tier LPM to start with.

Not to Ultra Capital Fund. Withdrawal Payment Fees may be applicable depending on your chosen payment method and platform. (eg. PayPal fees)

Up to 14 trading days, depending on situation and current status.

o    6% growth to the Account Balance (closed trades) within 6 months.
o    Penalties by way of additional profit may be required for breaking other rules.

Ultra Capital Live Portfolio Manager (LPM)

You will be an independent contractor of Ultra Capital Fund. You will be paid as a contractor and required to invoice us for payment withdrawals.

We have a variety of capital growth plans that are available. All are designed to help traders verify their consistency and reach peak allocation of $1m USD as quickly as possible.

It is not compulsory to strive for maximum capital allocation. Each trader should consult their financial advisor for more information on what the peak optimal capital will be for their circumstances. Eg. For some people, a peak of $200k and an ROI of 10% per quarter might be more than sufficient to live your best life!

No, once you are funded, there is no time limit restrictions anymore. You are free to trade and take your time to achieve 10% to reach the next tier.

The trading rules are the same for funded LPM’s as when you are doing the Accreditation Phase.

Just like most online prop firms, for every 10% you grow the account by, you are eligible to be promoted to the next tier until you hit the maximum capital allocation of $1million USD.

Alternatively, you can choose to remain at any tier, leaving your Capital Buffer in the account and withdrawing the additional profits made as you make them on a monthly basis. 

Example: With the 25k Plan, If you achieve LPM4 ($200k), you may choose to stay here and leave the $15k Capital Buffer in the account. So all profits you make above $200k can be withdrawn. 

If you decide, to withdraw the whole $15k Capital Buffer (your profit up until this point), leaving $0 of Capital Buffer in your trading account, the balance will be reset to $25k. 

To get promoted, you need to close all your positions and submit a Capital Allocation Request through the client portal.

Your account balance will need to be 10% above the starting account balance of the tier you are currently on. 

In simple terms, Capital Buffer is the amount of profit you leave in the account, for us to allocate more funds to your trading account.

To qualify for more capital, you need to grow your account by 10% As you grow by each 10% block, you are eligible to be promoted to the next capital tier. 

As an example: if you start with a $50,000 trading account with us, and you grow the account to $55,000, you will qualify to be promoted to the $100,000 tier. 

To request more capital, you need to keep the $5000 profit you earned in the trading account, as a “Capital Buffer”, and we will add an additional $45,000 to the account, bringing the total to $100,000.

Yes. The capital buffer is still your profit. You can submit a withdrawal request to be paid your profits according to the withdrawal policy.

See example under “How do LPM Progression Tiers work?”

You will be paid your profits just like any other profit split. However, if you withdraw your capital buffer, your trading account balance will be reset to the tier that corresponds to the amount of buffer left.

You can see how much Capital Buffer must be left in an account to retain your LPM tier by reviewing the LPM Growth Matrix

To put it bluntly, most traditional prop firms trading real money accounts, require an amount of capital to remain in the account (a buffer) before allocating you more money to trade. “Skin in the game” is how some professional traders refer to it. This re-assures us that the trader is going to always do their utmost to protect our funds, as a portion of their own funds is also on the line.

Ultra Capital Fund’s Liquidity Providers are set up in the same way as traditional funding firms and hedge funds. The money in the trading accounts we provide are real. And the profits that are in your account are real funds that need to be withdrawn for you, and for us, to make money. This allows our risk policies to be more flexible and accommodating, to help find genuinely good traders.

It was only with the advent of some online prop firms, that “commission” started to be paid to traders for account growth.

Not all, but many firms that pay on a “commission” basis, give the illusion that real money is being used. However, they make most of their profits from selling and keeping the money from traders who failed their evaluations. The failed evaluation fees pay out the smaller number of profitable traders that request withdrawals. This is not too different to how a casino is set up, they make profits from the 99% of losing customers, those profits pay for the gains from the winning 1%. These types of prop firms use stricter evaluation rules, which in turn creates more failures, and this allows the prop firm to be successful.

The trader needs to send a withdrawal request invoice by the 24th of each calendar month. Profits are withdrawn from the account on the 25th.  For more information, please see our Withdrawal Policy.

You can withdraw your profits gained, on a monthly basis by request. 

Yes. Our Live Accounts and your profits are Real Money. The profit you make, stays in your account until it is withdrawn and forms part of your trading capital.

Ultra Capital Fund uses Transferwise and their services to convert and send profit shares to traders in 56 currencies at what we believe are some of the lowest fees available on market.

We strongly advise any of our traders to consider using Transferwise or a Bank Account that can transfer or accept payments in one of the 56 currencies Transferwise offers. Transferwise is free to set up and offers many other options.

You are welcome to use PayPal for payment and to receive profit share however, we are aware that PayPal may charge you fees on top of your payment should you choose to use this. Third Party Fees are not covered by Ultra Capital Fund.

Transferwise is by far, the most cost effective way to be paid for your profits as other banks/methods may charge you fees for sending and receiving your funds.

If you do not have a Transferwise (Wise) account, please consider setitng one up, its free to join and the fees are much lower than other money payment and receiving services.

Bitcoin/crypto options are coming soon. If you would prefer to use an alternative method, our team are always willing to try accommodate.

Please send us an email and we will do our best to assist!

About Ultra Capital Fund

Ultra Capital is a fintech and trading referral platform which specialises in accrediting consistent risk managers and introducing them digitally to our upstream liquidity providers. In this way, our focus is on finding and supporting solid trading. 

We have a variety of offices around the globe and our liquidity providers are global. Our company is subject to ASIC business requirements and our head office is located at the following address in Sydney, Australia.

Address: Level 2, 23 Foster Street
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia 2010.

You can always contact us via email at or via our Contact Us page.

Our Office hours are:

23:00-05:00 GMT (09:00-15:00 AEST or GMT+10)
Monday to Friday

However we endeavour to respond to your emails and requests as quickly as possible.

Like most online proprietary funds and programs, Ultra Capital Fund is not a financial services provider and as such, is not required to be regulated by any financial regulatory body to provide the services we offer. We are not a broker, we do not give any financial advice nor directly provide any financial products or services to customers.

Ultra Capital is an authorised partner of Traders Central Capital Corp (TC Cap). Ultra Capital provides a fintech referral platform/program, accrediting and verifying consistent risk managers to match, refer and support wholesale capital funding from TC Capital.  
TC Capital, as our wholesale partner, is a global liquidity provider, and is an IFSC regulated entity. 

Ultra Capital Fund is not associated or related to No Nonsense Forex or its founder, VP.

We designed our program with consideration and guidance from NNFX content and feedback from traders who advocate No Nonsense Forex.

For detailed information on NNFX and the No Nonsense way of trading, please visit or no no sense forex on youtube.

The No Nonsense Forex name and brand are copyright © products and remain the property No Nonsense Forex at

Ultra Capital Fund is a relatively new funding referral company focused on providing an alternative funding source for higher risk/drawdown trading strategies.

It is an authorised partner of Traders Central Capital which has been in operation for over 3 years and supplies liquidity to various other trading organisations, including Traders Central Fund, a Proprietary Trading Fund with thousands of traders that has been in operation since 2018.

Ultra Capital Fund has joined Trustpilot to allow our users to leave honest feedback about our services.

You can find the Trustpilot website here:

Questions & Answers

You can only change your plan during the Launch stage of your Accreditation, before you opt-in and commence your official Review account.

During this time, you may upgrade your plan to a higher level.

Example: I paid for the 100k Plan and would like to upgrade to the 200k Plan.
The cost difference between the 100k Plan and the 200k Plan is $339 ($799-$460).

*note: prices are examples only and may change at any time without notice.

Our official Business and Support hours are:

Monday to Friday
23:00-05:00 GMT
(09:00-15:00 AEST)

Ultra Capital staff often work on account creation and support issues outside of those hours, but there is no guarantee that correspondance can be answered outside of the official business hours.

Please be patient, and rest assured any questions or support requests will be actioned promptly.