About Ultra Capital Fund

We are passionate about finding and recruiting everyday retail traders looking for a real trading career introducing their strategies and results to sophisticated investor seed capital, all within a reliable regulated platform.

Ultra Capital Fund is a fintech referral/recruitment platform company that uses a combination of AI-driven analysis and experienced fund management methodologies to recruit, audition, and showcase verified trading strategies. Retail FX/CFD traders who are approved, are contracted to trade large allocations of capital on behalf of Ultra Capital, provided by sophisticated investor groups, trusts, and high net worth individuals. 

What we are not:
Unlike majority of the online prop firms and shops accross the internet (we know you know who we are talking about), Ultra Capital Fund does not solicit funds from consumer traders to attempt simulated challenges, or evaluations which are designed based on gaming metrics, to give the illusion to lucky traders that they are trading real capital and have a long term funded account.

Most of these online prop firms have evaluation programs based on rules that do not match the real-world trading desks that banks and financial institutions use, and are designed to profit from trader failure and use those profits to pay out the small minority that pass. (The definition of a Ponzi scheme)

Ultra Capital Fund is not a financial services provider, so it is not required to hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) as it is providing a recruitment service on a regulated (AFSL registered) platform and not investing customer or client funds in financial or money markets, or giving financial advice.

We are not a broker or bank or investment company, we do not give any financial advice nor directly provide any financial products or services to customers.


What we are:
We are wholly owned and operated in Australia.
Our compliance and reporting are registered and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Also the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) which provides consumer guarantees, fair trading laws, and Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fraud regulations including company director obligations legislated by the Corporations Act 2001.

We are partnered with global independent brokers, Eightcap Global and Eightcap Australia. This means that our activities and operations are indirectly regulated by the SCB and ASIC in our respective jurisdictions.

We provide regulated live accounts to successful accredited traders who consistently execute their trading strategies.


International Registration:

ASIC Registration


Australian Company Registration: 

Ultra Capital Fund is an ASIC-approved and regulated Australian company that operates on Internationally regulated platforms and services. Australia ensures all registered businesses are compliant with strict anti-fraud and consumer protection laws and works internationally with its allies to enforce strict anti-corruption policies.

Under the ACCC, ASIC, and the Australian Government’s own Anti-Fraud Prevention and Protection initiatives, being contracted, employed, or consuming services from an Australian company is deemed extremely safe with heavy penalties for companies that breach these requirements or fail to maintain reporting and transparency.

We use an independent third-party, global award-winning broker, EIGHTCAP for liquidity, accounts, and capital allocation. This means that our live funds and accounts are regulated and verified by ASIC and the SCB and the accreditation program has verified capital and regulation governing it.

Primary Validation:

LEI Registration: (See Who is Ultra Capital Fund?) - An LEI number is used in financial transactions, such as trading stocks, bonds, or currency. LEIs are required by firms to fulfill their reporting obligations under financial regulations and objectives https://www.lei-lookup.com/what-is-lei/ - Is your prop firm trading real money? Not without an LEI!

ASIC Regulation: (See Who is Ultra Capital Fund?) Regulates financial services and consumer credit, and authorised financial markets operating in Australia.- https://asic.gov.au/about-asic/what-we-do/our-role/who-we-regulate/ - Is your prop firm operating legally and fairly? Not without financial regulation in their jurisdiction!

Many of the top brokers in the world are Australian and are regulated by ASIC. 


Secondary Validation:

  • Trustpilot – 4.5 Stars – Real Testimonials & Trustworthy Validation – https://www.trustpilot.com/review/ultracapitalfund.com
  • Community and Word of Mouth- we work with hundreds of real traders in a variety of communities. Reach out and talk to some of our traders in communities such as the NNFX Discord Community and more.
  • PayPal Buyer Protection & Trackable Transactions- we only use reputable and third-party insured, trackable methods of accepting payment.
  • We endorse a UltraSmart 100% Money Back Guarantee which is also a legislated guarantee under Australian Consumer Law.

Do you have payout proofs?

We encourage everyone to be very careful when considering any online trading business which relies on “payment proofs” for legitimacy.

Payout Proofs are commonly used by online prop firms that do not have real trading capital, to create a false sense of security.

In a lot of cases, they have been fabricated in photo editing software and are designed to misdirect a consumer from looking for registrations and regulations that verified companies within the global financial services sector use. When was the last time you saw a bank or broker provide proof that they allowed you to withdraw?

The most concerning factor from prop firms are _not_ whether they pay out their traders (any business that doesn’t follow through with what it sells ends up being exposed) It’s whether they are operating legally within the jurisdiction they are registered in.

Any lack of submission to audit or government compliance may mean that funding is not real (payouts do not automatically mean you are trading real money), that consumers are not protected in the case of a dispute, or that the business may not be stable and any form of long term income is not assured.

Ultra Capital provides the opposite. Live Capital, Regulated Accounts, Independent Global Broker and bound by legislation.

Our business model is simple and transparent:

  • We focus on finding disciplined retail traders with unique diversified strategies.
  • We specialize in running an Accreditation (guidelines + audition + verification) and then showcase the results to our investor partners.
  • Accreditation Commitment Fees pay for our platforms, staff, supplier costs, compliance and regulation costs. It costs a lot to run a legitimate business.
  • Our company’s profits are earned from leveraging our LPM traders successful strategies and taking a share of the profit when an LPM requests a withdrawal of profits earned.

Unlike other proprietary business models, this model ensures that Ultra Capital’s own success is aligned to the trader 100%. It is not in a conflict of interest with the trader, not in a conflict of interest with the broker.

Other firms that pay profits from the losses of their evaluation traders (running ponzi schemes from countries who do not enforce compliance), or firms that run their own broker platforms or provide platforms run by unregulated private brokerages (audited and regulated accounts are required in most financially regulated countries in the world to allocate real capital funding).

Our focus is on finding diversified trading strategies and recruiting disciplined traders that consistently execute them.

We acknowledge that every trader’s approach and style is unique, and this converts into different real-world results when you take a strategy and deploy it directly into a raw institutional execution account. Retail traders come from many different backgrounds, and approach trading in infinitely different ways.

The trader is required to showcase that they can meet all risk requirements but ALSO convincingly maintain profits and growth within the environment. The milestones within the accreditation make up the guidelines of the risk environment for the investor review. You must have satisfied all the milestones before your sample can be sent to the investor board for review. 

In some cases, the board may require more than the minimum requirements to ensure consistency for investment capital. For most traders, passing the accreditation program within 3-6 months is the average time it takes to record results that can be relied upon. But this is unique to every individual trader's risk and trading strategy.

Our investors then review the results performed in audition style from the realistic simulated environment that has provided a real-world spread, volatility, pressure, and market challenges. They run this through their proprietary AI Algorithmic Engine to actively pre and post-review a trader’s strategy. They take into consideration the Frequency, Execution, Risk Profile, Behaviour, and Performance of the trader and their ability to follow their own discipline outlined in their trading application.

Once a well-rounded understanding of your trading results and behavior is evidenced, you will be allocated capital on a real live, and regulated trading platform and contracted to trade on our behalf. For some traders, this may only take 6 weeks (or it may take a full 6-month period and will require a well-rounded sample that includes upsides, downsides, not good or bad luck.


Think of our Accreditation Program like an Automobile Drivers License Test.

When you learn to drive a car, it’s a long-term commitment; you intend to drive for the rest of your life. When you undertake your driver's test, you no doubt are asked to follow some guidelines for the test. As you showcase your ability to drive to the guidelines (road rules etc),  the instructor may notice certain quirks with your driving ability and may ask you to complete some specific tasks to verify that they are not a threat to you or others on the road. Once satisfied that you are competent, you are approved to drive on your own.

Similarly, when you undertake an Accreditation from Ultra Capital, you are not undertaking a single linear challenge. Similar to the driver’s test, you are first required to complete a simple but guided application to define your strategy. You are then given guidelines to follow during your review period. Your results are showcased by us to Investors, and if required, you may need to verify any concerns and confirm that your strategy is a good fit for the investor’s risk appetite before being given the employment contract.

Ultra Capital Fund is headquartered in a shared office environment in Sydney, Australia.

We adopt a fluent remote office structure with staff outside of Sydney adopting flexible remote office arrangements and have an equal opportunity employment policy.

With the introduction of our liquidity and accounts provider, and global broker, Eightcap Limited, Ultra Capital has acquired numerous Sophisticated Investor appointments, facilitated through Eightcap's ASIC Regulated Platform, to provide exposure to FX and other CFD markets not readily available to private retail investment.

All investment pools are LEI verified and registered and regulated in their respective jurisdictions, verified by Eightcap as well as Ultra Capital Enterprises,  and kept in separate client-segregated accounts within Eightcap's platforms.

Ultra Capital Fund is an authorized recruitment partner for Prime Bridge LLC, one of our capital providers for UltraFast accounts.


Ultra Capital Fund has been accrediting and successfully endorsing traders for investor backing since May, 2021.

Our official Business and Support hours are:

Monday to Friday
23:00-05:00 GMT
(09:00-15:00 AEST)

Ultra Capital staff often work on account creation and support issues outside of those hours, but there is no guarantee that correspondence can be answered outside of the official business hours.

Please be patient, and rest assured any questions or support requests will be actioned promptly.

Unlike other traditional prop companies, Ultra Capital does not provide any training academy or educational program. We are purely set up to recruit existing experienced traders.

General Trading & Funding Questions

Traditionally, a Prop Firm/Shop is a dedicated arm of a financial institution or an individual commercial entity which deploys a business model to trade the market with it’s own capital and/or balance sheet for direct profit.

Put simply, a prop firm is any company that uses it’s own capital to trade the markets, rather than using client investments for capital. And like any company, there are unlimited ways to structure a business and unlimited ways to hire staff.

However, the definition of a proprietary trading firm in the 2020’s differs greatly to the original and traditional definition used by most investment websites due to the rise of retail trading via online platforms and the relaxation of rules in the financial industry allowing talented traders globally to participate in the profession of trading. 

A capital funding program is a Plan offered by a Prop Shop or Prop Firm that is designed to evaluate or review a trader’s risk profile, strategy and performance whilst within a professional trading environment.

In the case of online prop firms, usually there is a set of risk guidelines or milestones that is set out and if the trader can achieve a pre-set target within a timeframe whilst adhering to the guidelines and trading consistently, the Prop Company will extend a funded account of live capital for the trader to work with on behalf of the firm.

Some of the main reasons why professional traders prefer to trade Investor Capital rather than their own:

-    Larger Accounts: many retail traders do not have the capital required to trade without over risking or over leveraging to try make a living. By using a larger account, you can make a comfortable income without needing to over leverage or over risk trades. 
-    Losses are absorbed by the Fund: if you happen to have a bad run of trades, your losses don’t come out of your own pocket. The fund absorbs and offsets the losses in the pool due to diversification of all the other profitable traders in the pool. 
-    Your profits multiply faster than using a broker: when you make consistent profits, you showcase reliability. As a result, investors seek to give you more capital to trade with. 

Example: If you invest $1000 into trading. Which goal is more realistic?

Broker Account: you would need to consistently trade to make an ROI of 100,000% to end on $1,000,000

Ultra Capital Account: consistently trade a minimum of 6%-8% ROI to gain $100,000 account then grow by 30% ROI to have $1,000,000 under management and start making $65,000 per 10% you grow.

It is well known that most traders already have a high chance of failure. An even higher chance of losing all their money when they use leveraged accounts to try and turn a small balance into a large fortune.

But you need to have money to make money.

Trading with investment backing is a powerful and almost necessary path for most traders who want to trade professionally and break out of the 9-5 working society. It is a symbiotic relationship between spare capital and talented traders for hire which has a win-win outcome for both Investors who seek returns and Traders who seek larger amounts of capital so that they can risk far less over the long term and still make a reasonable income.

Even if you do not want to work for another company or an investor, using a Prop or Investor Capital in the short to medium term can help a trader fund their own bankroll to be able to be able to eventually grow a large enough balance to trade for themselves.

Whichever way you look at it, Investor Backing, whether by an individual, a prop company or a financial institution, is the only way to take control of your trading career and help you reach a level of success that few thought possible.

When you commit to a prop trading firm, the only risk you have is your commitment fee or plan charge. Prop Firms structure their evaluation programs to minimize risk to the overall pool of capital but at the same time, be able to review the performance showcased by potential talented traders.

That being said, there is always risk involved with whatever you do on the internet. You must take care to ensure your account details are protected and concealed and like any online service which accesses potential financial information, ensure you have done your research.

Ultra Capital Fund is an Australian ASIC registered company operating under Australian Consumer Law. You’re always safe with us!

There is no easy answer to this one. Each trader must analyze their own needs and choose what is best for them.

Some helpful tips to consider when choosing:

  • How much do I want to earn a week/month/year?
  • What is the best value plan for the starting fee I am prepared to pay?
  • How much budget of own capital do I have for prop fees in a year?
  • What plan suits my trading strategy and lifestyle?
  • What adjustments do I need to make to my risk management to ensure my strategy fits the prop risk requirements?
  • Does the company use a third-party broker? If not, why not?
  • Does the company operate in a financially regulated environment? If not, why not?

Profit Share, Scaling Amount, Withdrawal Policy and Risk Levels all contribute to what a trader will make from their strategy.

Companies that use their own in-house broker, or private broker, have a heightened risk of not using real money and also have a conflict of interest with their traders.

Companies that are not operating in a financially regulated environment, also run the risk of not being bonified or running a stable business that will be there for the long term.

At Ultra Capital, we have focused on ensuring that our traders are the highest paid in the industry. We focus on giving retail traders the ability to earn consistently and provide a stable long-term outlook.

Always consider Prop Funding that aligns with providing you a long-term successful career that will allow you to earn the most money! Choose the evaluation that your strategy can comfortably pass!

Due to Investor backing, Ultra Capital has developed unique and broad plans which can accommodate every type of retail trader and any type of risk adjusted strategy.

All Accreditation Programs share the same principle of rewarding genuinely consistent and profitable retail traders. They have just been tweaked to capture the cadence of each type of retail trader and the many strategies that are used.

All that is left to do is choose which one is right for your trading strategy, your risk tolerance and your lifestyle!

Systems & Support

We are proud to be partnered with leading global broker, Eightcap Group and Eightcap Pty Ltd.

Eightcap is an ASIC regulated Australian Broker providing FX, CFDs, Stocks and Crypto Derivative to retail, institutional and sophisticated investors.

Using global liquidity providers allows our traders to attempt their accreditations with full confidence and peace of mind, with the very best spreads, liquidity, and platform experience available out of any prop firm on the market today.

We also use the ECN Platform TCBridge, which provides deep liquidity and fast institutional execution through secure private direct access to the market, for UltraFast funding and Instant Funding options.

We provide a Best Practices Guide, Technical Support Guide and Trading Tools Section within the Client Portal for Ultra Capital traders.

Spreads are typical for an ECN (Electronic Communications Network) trading account.

Commissions vary depending on the account you prefer.

1) ECN Standard Account
The industry standard ECN account offers competetive raw spreads with $7 round turn per lot commissions.

2) ECN Swap Free Account
The ECN Swap Free accounts incur a slightly higher commission of $8 round turn, per lot.

Islamic law states that any activity in a business or contract that includes charging and receiving riba or interest is strictly forbidden.

Swap Free accounts are available upon request when completing your Ultra Capital Fund application.

The server times are based on GMT +2/+3 depending on daylight savings.

MT4 & MT5 Terminal Accounts are hosted by our third-party brokers on behalf of Ultra Capital under a technology agreement.

Master Margin accounts for live traders have been set up and verified by our Investors using standard KYC protocols with Eightcap, to which Ultra Capital has been given access via API on a non-transferrable basis to account management and access trader history, reporting, and monitoring. TC Bridge, regulated by the FSC, and Eightcap,  regulated by ASIC and the SCB administer live fund operations via their respective on-market partners.

Ultra Capital Fund, as a matching service to investors and funding partners, do not provide any trading platforms ourselves.

Liquidity provider partners such as 8eightcap provide both MT5 and MT4, and are licenced partners of Metaquotes.

MT4 - https://www.eightcap.com/en/trading-platforms/metatrader-4/
MT5 - https://www.eightcap.com/en/trading-platforms/metatrader-5/

Traders who undergo an Ultra Capital Fund Accreditation Program will utilize one of the licenced trading platforms provided by our liquidity provider partners.

Yes. However, you must be aware of how your software behaves and works and ensure that it copies cleanly. We are not able to refund or reset accounts that breach due to software bugs or user error or if your software does not behave within the risk guidelines set.

For stop loss settings, simply test your trade copier/EA/Software and see how it operates, be familiar with the settings, watch your trades as they are copied in real time, and keep an eye out for irregularities. Adjust on the fly and tweak your setup. (You can use one of our demo accounts OR for UltraSmart traders, this is the purpose of using your Stage 1 Launch Account so you can test before commencing your review).

Important Note for UltraSmart Reviews: If you are using a trade copying service or expert advisor, please ensure you set up a "default stop loss" on your copy trades, so that if for any reason there is a lag in system or connection, every order placed by your trade copier will have a stop loss on them that can be manually modified to suit once the trade is copied.

You are allowed to have up to 3 Accreditation Accounts running at the same time.

This can mean up to, 3x the profit payouts, 3x the capital allocation or a mixture of Ultra8 Smart, UltraSmart and UltraFast account to run multiple strategies on more markets, stacking your leverage across multiple accounts to have more positions open.

Our client portal dashboard allows our traders to easily and quickly see, manage, and arrange multiple accounts as a portfolio. These upgrades will also manage the eligibility of our traders to add additional accounts.

Buying Additional Accounts:

We will be releasing key upgrades to our client portal which allows our traders to easily and quickly see, manage, and arrange multiple accounts as a portfolio. This feature will be released soon.

In the interim, to add an additional account, you will need to log out of your client dashboard and apply for a new account separately.


Each investment pool requires a separate strategy to be accredited to be submitted for funding.

A trader who has successfully traded on one account does not automatically mean they have the ability to trade 3 accounts identically and with the same psychological disposition, or technical consistency.

Pre-Funding Process

We are looking for traders who have a good understanding of their trading strategy, good experience with risk management and a keen focus on protecting capital as well as maintaining modest growth.

Our investor board is looking for traders who not only meet all the risk requirements but also have results that convincingly show that a trader knows how to make and maintain profits in line with a risk profile of long-term growth.

Ultra's Accreditation Program compromises of satisfying 3 components:

1. Application: We first verify the trader's plan is sound and that the trader has a competent knowledge of how to trade (the application)

2. Review/Audition: We allow traders to display how they trade their strategy, under a set of guidelines (the milestones) to trade exactly how they would trade our investor funds. This is more likened to an "Audition" than a "Challenge or Test"

3. Final Review/Verification: Once the trader produces a sample of results that displays a rounded version of discipline and consistency, we submit the results to the investors with our recommendations. Investors then run the results through their own proprietary quantitative analysis to ensure the strategy + trader performance has a higher probability of long-term success.

This process is proven and followed for all of Ultra Capital's Plans.

Each Plan is designed differently to capture a variety of different styles and approaches. The structure of each plan may include but is not limited to variations in Risk, Leverage, Time Periods, Drawdown tolerances, and more.

Although the structures of the plans differ, each plan shares the same journey:

1.    Introduction/Application
2.    Review Period/Audition
3.    Final Review/Verification

*Ultra8 Accreditation Journey shown

Whilst it is true that we want to find and hire as many good traders as possible, we request that the following requirements be met before you apply for our Accreditation Program to be considered for live funding:

1.    Have a good understanding of your Trading Strategy, Trading Plan and Trading Psychology.
2.    Be over 18 and meet all tax requirements to undertake contractor work in your country/jurisdiction
3.    Be informed about and have experience in trading FX/CFD/Futures.
4.    Be ready to commence your Accreditation Program upon acceptance.

It will take roughly between 12-36 hours for our Accreditations Team to review your application.

The Review Period is the time period given to a trader within an Accreditation Plan, to showcase their trading strategy, risk management and trading behaviour to be considered for investor backing.

The performance review is the final stage before funding is awarded. If you have met all milestones, we will advise you to conclude any active trade orders and once your terminal is clear, we will put you forward to our Investor Board with a recommendation to fund you.

This process can take several working days (weekends not included) for the Investors to analyse the trading record and risk profile, and concludes with the trader being funded, the trader failing and being offered options to re-attempt or the trader being refunded.

Our investors reserve the right to not fund any strategy that they deem the results inconclusive, not convincingly consistent, and/or displays unreasonable risk to our systems, backers, or liquidity.

The Accreditation Commitment fee is the contribution you make to back yourself. With most things that involve monetary risk, there needs to be a consideration to show that you are dedicated and have a psychological obligation to the process- we need to know that the effort we put into finding good traders, will be taken seriously. As the saying goes, “money talks!”.

In essence, you are paying for the opportunity to prove yourself eligible, according to the risk policies and rules set by our Investor Board, and a contract is in place for you to be inducted as a Live Portfolio Manager, trading capital on behalf of Ultra Capital Fund. 

The fees you pay are not an investment and are not redeemable. They cannot be withdrawn or paid back to you. The fees we charge for our services are used to continue to provide cutting edge support, innovative and unique ways for traders to become backed by Investors and live their best lives. We do not profit until you profit.

No, the Accreditation Commitment Fee is the only contribution charge you make.

Generally, up to 2 weeks. If you require longer, please provide us details and we will submit the request to our investor board for approval.

In some rare cases, a member of the team may advise if you are eligible to change your plan for an administration fee due to promotional reasons or technical issues.

But for majority of Accreditation Plans, we cannot accommodate Plan Changes, so choose wisely!

Post-Funding Process:

An Ultra Capital Live Portfolio Manager (LPM) is a Trader who has completed the Accreditation Review Program and displayed Risk Management and Trading Behaviour which is approved by our Investors.

Once a Trader has displayed metrics and traits which align with our Risk Policies and have been approved by our Investor Board, Ultra Capital Fund enters into a contract with our Liquidity Supplier for a Live Funded Account, which you will trade as a contracted LPM trading on behalf of Ultra Capital Fund.

To be contracted by Ultra Capital, you will be required to:

•    Provide personal particulars and details
•    Provide 100 Points of I.D and verify your identity
•    Provide suitable details for payments to be made to you. Ie, PayPal, Wise, Bank Account, pre-approved crypto wallet.
•    Be eligible to work or be sub-contracted to an Australian company and not impaired by any international sanctions or requirements to be contracted to work for an Australian business.

Currently, there is no option to do this. In the future, Ultra Capital is looking into plan options where proven professional traders can provide a hedge deposit against an instant live funding account.

No. Once you are backed by our Investors, there is no longer a time limit or performance target that you need to maintain to remain funded.

Consistency may be considered if any additional capital upgrades are requested.

Yes. The purpose of the Accreditation Program is to provide a realistic structure and guidelines and simulate the identical trading environment you will be in after we hire you to trade investor capital. We expect you to trade with the same consistency and reliability as you did during your Review Period.

This means all risk-related rules, such as Drawdown, Risk Percentage, Leverage/Margin Requirements and Symbols to Trade will remain the same.

The only exemption to this is the 3 strike rule on the Ultra8 Platform which will not apply after a trader is funded.

No, there are no other costs that you will need to pay to Ultra Capital once you are hired to trade investor capital for us.

The amount of capital you will start trading with will be as indicated by the Accreditation Plan you choose.

Example, if you apply, choose and pay for a $100k Accreditation Account, upon being approved, our Investors will provide us an account of $100,000usd for you to trade on our behalf.

You will not be liable to pay back or pay for for any losses incurred on any Live Account that we facilitate for you and that you trade on our behalf.

Yes, we offer the ability for you to upgrade your trading account balance. According to the scaling policy of the Accreditation Plan you are on; you can stake a percentage of profits gained in exchange for more capital.

For most Plans, you can stake as little as 10% to gain a whopping 100% increase to your account balance!

See the Scaling Plan for your chosen Accreditation Plan for more information.

Depending on the Accreditation Plan chosen, the maximum capital that we will guarantee to fund to is $1,000,000usd or $2,000,000usd. Capital upgrades further than this amount is negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

Like financial term deposits or staking in cryptocurrencies, Ultra Capital's Profit Staking is where you can delegate a percentage of your profits in return for more capital trade.

Staking is an exclusively flexible option for Ultra Capital's Traders, allowing you to scale up to capital account balances of up to $2,000,000. The higher the capital account balance you manage, the higher the profit split and the more profits you earn!

In the current Scaling Plans, if you choose to stake profits equal to 10% of your LPM Tier Starting Balance, we will promote you to the next tier and double your account balance according to the LPM Scaling Plan!

You can withdraw your profits that you have staked at any time. However, if you withdraw your staked profits, we will withdraw the additional capital associated with your stake.

A stake of any kind is one of the hallmark proofs that investor capital is used to back traders (See Funding Scams & Fake Funding) and although can be called a variety of different terms, staking or capital buffer is a common requirement of most traditional and genuine online proprietary trading companies who are regulated.

No. You do not need to stake your profits. The choice is completely yours to run your trading career and business as you see fit.

The benefit of staking is that you will have the full power of additional capital to continue earning up to 5x what you would make on your original plan starting balance.

However, you are welcome to stay on your base LPM Tier and scale up your profit share as per normal.

Trader started on LPM3 $100k account, has scaled to 80% Profit Share by making 4x withdrawals above 5%.

Trader grows their $100,000 account by 15% to $115,000.

Trader has 2 options:

1.    Trader submits for withdrawal of $15,000 and is paid out $12,000 ($15,000 * 80%)


2.    Trader submits to scale from LPM3 -> LPM4 and stakes $10,000 of the profits (10%)
Trader submits for withdrawal of the remaining $5,000 which is taken from the trading account.
Trader is paid out $3,500 ($5,000 * 70%)
Trader’s account balance is topped up to $200,000 (LPM4)
Trader remains at a profit share of 70% but is now earning more, faster!

15% Payout at LPM3 80% Profit Share = $12,000
15% Payout at LPM4 70% Profit Share = $21,000
15% Payout at LPM5 70% Profit Share = $42,000!

You may withdraw staked profits at any time by requesting withdrawal and the additional capital for staking will be taken from the trading account. You will not lose your original profit share tier.

Currently, there is no option to do this. In the future, Ultra Capital is looking into plan options where proven professional traders can provide a hedge deposit against an instant live funding account.

You will be refunded any Accreditation Fees upon Completion in accordance with the Payments and Refunds Policy of the Plan you have chosen.

Refunds for Completion will be paid to you with your first withdrawal.

On the 24th of each calendar month, you will be required to submit a withdrawal form.

Your first withdrawal can be requested once you achieve a minimum of 5% growth on your live account. Subsequent withdrawals can be requested for any amount that is available in line with the withdrawal policy.

LPM’s need to send a withdrawal request invoice by the 24th of each calendar month. Profits are withdrawn from the account on the 25th.  For more information, please see our Withdrawal Policy.

If eligible, you are able to submit a withdrawal request once per month.

Bank Transfer: we can send your payments to your nominated bank account in your country using AUD, CAD, GBP, USD or EUROs.

Wise (formerly Transferwise): We can send payments in 56 currencies using Wise and they are adding more countries every day. Wise also is one of the least expensive, if not the cheapest global fiat money transfer company in the world today. We are not a partner nor affiliated with Wise at all.

Crypto Currency: we can send your payments to your nominated Crypto Wallet. BTC and USDC are our preferred tokens for payment however, we can send your profit payments to ERC20 of the following tokens:

PayPal: we can send your payments to your PayPal account.

The Wise Payments System is by far, the most cost-effective way to be paid for your profits as other banks/methods may charge you fees for sending and receiving your funds.

If you would prefer to use an alternative method, our team are always willing to try accommodating.

Please send us an email and we will do our best to assist!