Why you should trade with Ultra Capital

Unlike financial institutions, prop desks or private investors who dictate to you how and when you will trade their money - our accreditation and risk experts use your validated results and our AI driven engine to match your trading profile into a pool of investment funds.


The greater pool offsets the risks for investors and assures them reliable long-term diverse trading returns without needing to trade or hire & manage resources themselves.


What barriers or hurdles stand in your way to becoming a professional trader for a Hedge Fund or Financial Prop Desk?

  • Your education?
  • Your financial history?
  • Your background?
  • Your location/country?
  • Your cultural differences?
  • Your ability to sell yourself?

We hire based on your ability, not your background!



Prop Evaluations vs Investor Funded Accreditation

In today’s Online Prop Industry, many online services are promoted and designed not dissimilar to Casino Games rather than life changing trading careers.


Ultra Capital is very a different breed to this. We have managed to take the best of both the Online Prop Industry and the traditional investor driven firms and funds and package it into a recruitment program like no other!


As our Prop Fund is seeded by Investor Capital, our programs are designed to reward the fundamental purpose of prop trading.


Giving good traders capital they deserve after showcasing genuine trading capability and talent to authentic Investors and Liquidity Providers.


Some of the key differentiators you should consider when choosing who to work for:


What makes Accreditation better?

Our accreditation plans are tailored to observe and showcase trading results that align to institutional standards. We take these verified results, and pitch/present them to pre-qualified, private and institutional investors who are looking a reliable way to gain exposure to a pool of trading talent.

This acts as a safeguard for the investor who does not completely understand what is required to be a consistent trader and protects them from being emotionally disruptive to the common peaks and troughs of trading.

It also safeguards your interests as a trader, knowing that our success is linked to your professional future so that your ambitions and talent are always well represented and that backing is reliable and stable to build a career and future.

What makes us different to all other funding programs?


We recognize that good traders exist in all methods of trading and don’t enforce unrealistic expectations on you.


We are governed by some of the safest and strictest regulatory bodies in the world.


Most comparable programs on the internet are like casino challenges. Ultra Accreditation is more like a recruitment company, with a model that aligns to your success.


We find satisfaction in helping everyday people achieve their goals and dreams. We just happen to be traders too!

Accreditation Programs

  • Up to 6 Months to complete
  • 6% Profit Target | 8% Drawdown
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Up to 65% Profit Share
  • Scale up $2,000,000
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  • Highest Leverage Available 1:100-1:200!
  • 12% Target | 10% Drawdown
  • Up to 80% Profit Share
  • Double Your Balance for 10%
  • Scale up tp $1,000,000
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  • Apply for Free
  • Validate your strategy
  • Certify your results
  • Showcase your ability
  • Get funded up to $100k
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