About Ultra Capital Fund:

The idea behind Ultra Capital Fund was first born in 2019 when four traders/investors with varying experiences started to become consistent and decided to search the Internet for Proprietary Trading Firms that could accommodate their goals and aspirations. 


They were sorely disappointed, finding that many of these online firms were designed to profit from unrealistic "challenges" and openly promoted risky trading practices. The most genuine online firms had realistic funding options, but also required large sums of capital to hedge their risk. 


After digging through online forums and communities, an opportunity arose from the global liquidity provider, TC Capital, that allowed the group to pioneer a unique offer with realistic funding options based on the Traders behavior and ability to preserve capital, without needing to micromanage them with unrealistic rules and barriers.


It has allowed Ultra Capital Fund to provide a gateway to liquidity, based on sound risk management principles that could previously only be managed safely by traditional in-person trading desk managed firms.

Ultra Capital Fund's core purpose and goal is to deliver a platform to Trading Communities that allows Traders to realize their full potential by accrediting and validating genuine trading talent.

Through the use of smart technology we aim to introduce smart money, to smart traders.