The Peak of All Capital Funding Programs

We use AI Performance Monitoring combined with traditional online desk Risk Management to find, prepare and match consistent FX & Commodities Traders to a range of Global Funding Options provided by Global Liquidity Providers.

That’s Smart! That’s Ultra Capital! – the new way to fast-track Max Capital to truly consistent Risk Managers!

The Pillars of our Accreditation Plans are:


Realistic Accreditation

We created realistic accreditation plans with enough room so that you can show us how you trade! Sounds simple, but many other firms have evaluation stages that create a gauntlet to funding, promoting people to trade in a different way during their trial period to when they are funded!

Reward good risk behaviour

Most systems with an edge will pass our Accreditation when coupled with a genuine trader who understands how to protect capital. Good money management is rewarded.


Fast Progression to Peak

If you’re good at managing risk, you will shine brighter than all. It’s in our best interest to get you managing larger amounts of capital quicker! We win when you win!

Work from anywhere in the world!

Advanced AI monitoring allows us to extend full trust to you without needing you to work from a trading desk. This means you will have the freedom of living life to the fullest whilst working with a global team of professionals.

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Three Simple Steps to Become a Pro Trader:

Our goal is for you to make your trading dream a reality. We put together a simple stepped process designed to build maximum trust and show us your capability:



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The First Program Aligned to NNFX Money Management

We aligned our accreditation program to echo the sensible tenets found in No Nonsense Forex because of its safe and remarkable ability to grow stable risk managers through exceptional Psychology and Money Management principles.


Improved Risk

Maximize ROI by risking 2% per Trade

Mirror Your Forward Test

Our Accreditation Program allows you to mirror your NNFX forward testing goals with 6% profit targets in the first 6 months.


Generous Drawdowns

Access a generous 8% Drawdown and allow your trades to breathe.

No Exposure Restrictions

Trade confidently through low ATR periods with faster algorithms.


Trade with confidence!


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The Ultra Capital Vision:

Unlike traditional funding programs, the main point of difference for Ultra Capital is that, as a company, we are rewarded for matching supremely talented traders with generous capital arrangements. Not selling evaluations.

We take pride in finding and referring the next generation of reliable risk managers to our liquidity providers globally. There is great satisfaction in being the catalyst for great financial relationships, enabling people to work freely in a digital world, and at the same time assisting wealth preservation and growth for those who put their trust in us.

We strive to reflect this theme within the fabric of everything we do. Every plan is designed with flexibility, fast progression and freedom in mind.