Are You a
Good Retail Trader?

Unlike other funding companies, Ultra Capital uses specialist techniques to hire traders using our proprietary AI platform to qualify, verify and match you to Investor Funds.

No more fake evaluation plans, no more unrealistic rules, if you’re consistent, your best chances of finally becoming a professional trader are right here!

Secure Starting Capital
from Investors

The future of FX Funding is Ultra Capital.

As a regulated Australian entity, we leveraged relationships with private and institutional investors to reserve pools of capital for the next generation of trading talent!

It’s easier than ever to qualify for funding.

Multiple paths to
Financial Success

Our program helps dedicated traders present their performance in a way that convincingly assures Investors that you are a safe bet!

Choose which Accreditation Plan aligns best to your trading style, trade consistently and we will do the rest!


Placing Good Traders into Trading Careers

In 2022, there are over 10 million Retail Traders across the globe trading Forex, CFD’s and Crypto. 

Sadly, many do not have the starting capital required to ever be able to trade consistently, let alone achieve their dreams of trading full-time as a career professional trader.

This has resulted in a multi-billion dollar industry built on profiting from trader failure. 

Partnering with some of the world's best CFD & FX brokers, we use proprietary AI, Statistical and Institutional methods to identify talent and introduce them to pre-qualified, regulated investment capital.

Helping traders fulfill their dreams is our motivation. Ultra Capital does this by taking the hard work out of securing genuine investors who are looking to find an edge through investing in the the retail trading industry without compromising financial safety and regulation.

We negotiated and crafted a tailored program that boosts your chances of achieving financial success.

Investor Funding offers a brighter future

Trading using leverage and turning $1000 into $1M+ is not a likely future.

“If trading with a broker using leverage was easy, then everyone would be millionaires living their dreams!”

We are not a Broker. We are not a Prop Firm, Prop Shop or Prop House.


We only profit when our traders withdraw profit from the market.



3 Fundamental Requirements of Trading for a Living

Capital Protection

Trade with low risk in contrast to your account balance to decrease volatility and increase conservation of your overall capital account balance.

Meaningful Balance

Your starting balance needs to be a significant size to ensure gains are large enough for consistent income.


A trusted way to prove your trading ability to sophisticated investors who are willing to invest in talent through a proven, reliable platform.

For most traders, building a long-term life changing career by becoming a proficient trader is the ultimate triumph and gateway to success.



Dedicated to empower retail trader lives!

Transforming the lives of everyday retail traders is our passion! 


Ultra Capital is an Australian regulated company providing the Ultra8 Platform, an investor reliable liquidity platform provided in partnership with ASIC regulated global broker, Eightcap.

We started with a vision of providing real and lasting careers to reliable traders. As we began to showcase our traders to our investment partners, it swiftly became our obsession to aid honest, genuine, everyday traders find satisfaction for all their hard work.


No matter where you are in the world, we are dedicated to finding and bridging the gap for retail traders to achieve their dreams through reliable, consistent investment.




Accreditation Programs

Ultra8 Smart
  • Designed for Low Risk, Swing Trading
  • 6% Profit Target | 8% Drawdown
  • 6 Months to Pass
  • Up to 80% Profit Share
  • Funding up to $2,000,000
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  • Fast Track for Professional Traders
  • Instant Funding Models (coming soon!)
  • Sponsorship for Proven Professionals
  • Prove your legitimacy, Showcase your results
  • Upto $2,000,000 per strategy
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Number of traders using
Ultra Capital's platform

62 Days

Average time taken to complete
an Accreditation Program


Number of countries
registered with Ultra Capital


Total value of trading capital
under management